Analysis on the Gutter of Steel Structure Maintenance System-2

(E) whether the need to find slope within the gutter
Steel gutter in theory can be done to find slopes, norms prescribed five thousandths. But few steel structure companies will go to the slope, only the node does not wait for high processing is more trouble. In fact, the gutter to find slope, I have always thought that the concept of concrete gutter, concrete gutter due to the larger coefficient of friction, poor drainage, so ask for slope. And the surface of the steel plate is much cleaner than the concrete, the resistance to water is very small (the friction coefficient is small), and because the steel plate gutter stiffness is bigger, if the stainless steel gutter, generally will increase the gutter stent, and the water will gradually discharge, Small, the deflection is not great, so even if there is water, is also very small, and soon will be volatile. But also in the northwest itself is very little rainfall, from this point of view do not look at the gutter slope. Moreover, outside the gutter from the beautiful decorative effect, looking after the slope of the gutter in the installation of its outsourcing side is difficult to be uniform, so outside the gutter do not find slope.
In fact, within the ditch to find the slope is also very difficult, especially about 9m steel gutter, cross will be there will be deflection, rest on the top of the column will be higher, the water pipe can not be done in the cross, even with chlorine Butt is only slightly flat, so the general situation just under the rain to the roof to see there will be water in the depression, so we have repeatedly asked the steel plate gutter corrosion performance must be better. And the color plate gutter is not easy to find the slope, you can calculate the data by this, according to the minimum five thousand to find the slope, if 9m a water pipe, the gutter at both ends of the height difference of 45mm. It is difficult to make, and the gutter of the overlap is also difficult to deal with.
If the rainy areas in the south, it is recommended to find the best ditch 2%, so the need to design and production should pay attention to the design of a section of the end of the section of the gutter must be high and low points, , The production of high cross-section and high cross-section welding, low cross-section and low cross-section welding, you can make a long slope of the inner gutter.
In short, the gutter is to find the slope, according to the local climate conditions, rainy areas in the south, can not be due to slope difficulties and refused to find the ditch, combined with the construction specifications, according to the largest practical development of the appropriate program, in order to be perfect.
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(F) steel trench of the improvement In the design
In the field construction can find a lot of design is wrong, to the production and installation of the installation of a lot of trouble, such as the combination of steel gutter in the design, with old design ideas designed gutter, sometimes in the installation to the construction Bring the inconvenience, the gutter of the bottom plate and the outer plate Why do you have 90 degrees straight knot? 90 degrees straight knot gutter, in the gutter on the edge of the reinforcement by the bar, so that the middle of the outer edge of the groov slightly raised, Decorative panel can not be close when installed. The outer plate and the bottom of the welding when the tilt out of a certain angle will give the installation of the gutter side of the package to facilitate the installation of the package under the gutter, you can ignore the height of the uplift, and dust is not easy to attach to reduce the number of cleaning The Although it is a small discovery, but reduced a lot of manpower and financial resources.
(G) envisaged the development of new material gutter
Gutter is the steel plant in the most difficult to choose one of the components, the current commonly used steel plate, color plate, stainless steel plate, I think is not the best - not bad corrosion treatment is not good connection. In fact, the problem of gutter in the project has been difficult to deal with a piece of steel gutter often due to the production of the installation of non-standard, waterproof leak problem has been doing unsatisfactory. So the development of new material gutter is very necessary. Whether it can use steel under the purlins to complete the structure of the gutter. I think it is possible, or use hot spray hard plastic to cover the steel gutter to complete the required process.
Third, the conclusion
In summary, in the steel roofing maintenance system, to make the gutter to play its proper use function, play a good decorative effect, should follow the following principles:
1. the rationality of the design. Design to meet the norms, according to local environment, roof area size, design a practical, economical, beautiful gutter.
2. strict quality control. From the lofting began to calculate the size, reduce the error, to avoid the production of components in the deformation.
3. Fine installation. Sophisticated installation will make the decorative effect natural.
Above summary are from the construction site experience and found that the building structure often show personality characteristics, according to the actual project to develop appropriate construction program. Only in the work of the accumulation of experience, good at innovation, in order to make quality works.

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