Where You Can See The Agricultural Steel Buildings

Agricultural facilities are an important material foundation for rural economic and social development and the improvement of agricultural production and life. In recent years, with the rise of agricultural factories and the acceleration of agricultural scale, agricultural steel structure facilities are increasing, steel pipe greenhouses are commonly used in vegetables and other planting industries, and a large number of greenhouses, livestock and poultry houses have been built in large agricultural demonstration parks. Greenhouse vegetable cultivation has been used by many farmers as a way to get rich, but there is a big problem with traditional greenhouse cultivation, that is, the greenhouse building is unstable, and it will always cause farmers a lot of losses when they encounter bad weather, strong winds, heavy rain or hail. The application of steel structure in greenhouse planting industry has received more and more attention from farmers.


The traditional structure greenhouses generally adopt common bamboo as the frame of greenhouses. When the weather is bad, farmers are always busy reinforcing the greenhouses, winding them one by one with ropes. Even if this happens, it may not be valid in special cases. Many times, farmers can only watch the fruits in the fields be destroyed by bad weather. As the skeleton of the greenhouse and greenhouse, the steel structure not only reduces the cost, but also has high compressive and flexural strength and long service life. In terms of production, it can be produced on a large scale, and in such harsh conditions, there is no need to reinforce greenhouses outdoors. Light steel structure can produce several types of skeleton, such as square frame, circular frame, empty frame, etc.