Thin Coating of Steel Structure Fire Performance

Thin coating steel structure fire by anti-rust primer and topcoat Ingredients expansion foam case of fire, the formation of a dense, homogeneous layer of fire insulation, fire insulation layer whose effect is significant, the coating thin coating of protected light steel load; convenient construction coatings, can reduce project costs.
Thin coating fireproof coatings must meet the following requirements: between the coating and the bond between the steel substrate and the coating to be solid, no delamination, hollowing, etc; coating thickness must comply with the fire resistance design requirements; Third, the appearance of the coating to be smooth, clean cut, color uniformity, no significant depression, chalking, loose and floating pulp, mastoid have been removed, if the individual cracks, its width should not exceed 0.5 mm. Fireproof coatings applied to a wide range of power plant (station), modern architecture and a large area, a variety of large span of nudity, hidden steel structure fire protection and decoration.
Fireproof paint spraying is relevant regulations. The thickness of the general design requirements for fire resistance test at 1.2 times by the fire resistance of thickness to the fire resistance of the beam 2H, column 3H, its design thickness of the beam 30MM, column 35MM. The first is about the thickness of 1CM, seven - eighty percent dry and then spray a second layer, the second layer thickness of about 1 ~ 1.2CM appropriate, seven - eighty percent dry and then spray the third layer, the third layer until the desired thickness. When the spray gun should be perpendicular to the spray steel members from 6 ~ 10CM appropriate, ystx11a5 spray pressure should be maintained 0.4 ~ 0.6MPA, self-test after spraying, the thickness of the part is not enough time to fix spray. Before the formal spray, spray a candidate architecture layer (segment), after the fire department, quality supervision station verification of eligibility, and then a large area of operations. Construction Construction shall ambient temperature is below + 5 ℃, should take peripheral closed heating measures before and after construction + 48H keep more than 5 ℃ appropriate.

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