The preparatory work before the steel structure installation budget

For the steel structure budget I am also a beginner, so I combined with my personal experience to talk about for a beginner how to do a good job of steel budget.

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1 .The preparatory work before the budget

      For a beginner to do the steel structure before the budget should be some knowledge, we must first know the steel structure of the construction process, the specific process is how to pick each material, how to cut, how to build, so that the amount of work can be calculated later It is also possible to know where the loss of more; also learn how the steel structure construction specifications such as column foot horn is how to arrange, what is the number of requirements; nondestructive testing, H-beam butt welds need nondestructive testing, know which is H Type steel wing, which is the H-shaped steel web, the wing of a weld need 100% ultra-probe, the second floor of the weld need 20% ultra-probe, but also to understand the quota, know the process of metal production and installation of fixed Fixed subhead, the specific amount of a project which set of sub-head, so that in the calculation of the document clearly marked the amount of different sub-project to facilitate the future view.

       Look at the quota, know what the number of subheads in the study of the calculation of the amount of rules, according to the study of the fixed sub-head, in the study of computing rules, in the calculation of the rules to learn each sub-head in the calculation should pay attention to what, such as measurement The unit is m or m2, such as steel structure to detect the length of the weld to "m" as a unit of measurement, sheet metal plate surface testing to sheet area "m2" for the measurement unit; in particular, to remember what is a joint platform, Platform sub-head cost is relatively high, set this is more appropriate, the joint platform is more than two devices connected to each other platform for easy maintenance of the use of the platform, calculate the amount of time should include the platform ladder, railings, handrails weight. For example, when we calculate the platform on the platform, in addition to the column and the main beam, all the amount of engineering can be counted as a joint platform; also carefully look at steel construction technology measures, such as how the frame is fragmented or segmented , With what reinforcement, in order to calculate the amount of steel structure lifting reinforcement, but also according to measures to calculate the lifting requirements of the lifting lug and the number, but also depends on technical measures in the steel structure prefabricated what kind of platform, How much, etc., in the calculation of the amount of these things also incidentally out.


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