How to draw the drawings of the amount of engineering

You can pick up the drawings to see the map, first of all do not be afraid, do not be intimidated by the drawings intolerated , in fact, steel drawings is very simple, as long as you go to carefully to see it is easy to read, but do not get the drawings to rush to pick up the drawings to drawing, I think first of all first from the beginning to the end to see if the drawings are complete, to see what part of the drawings you want to Pa, is the corridors, frames, ladder, Drawings of the technical requirements, as well as every page of the label, from beginning to end to see the drawings, if the place can not read, to carefully before and after the combination, until you see. To see the future do not rush to Pa diagram, we must look at the drawings to be designated by the node diagram, know what is the column strong axis, what is the column weak axis, see beam and beam connection, beam and column connection , The joint node diagram, but also clear some specific, such as cantilever beam: and the end of the beam with the column or beam steel, the other end of the hinge with the beam, the beam model / FL, said the left side steel, beam model / FR , Said the right side of the steel. When the amount of drawings required for the drawings must be clear to prepare for the future in the investigation to know how the original calculation, the different sub-head must be marked on the draft clearly, such as the amount of which is part of the frame, which is the joint part of the platform , As well as the draft of the steel models such as Q235B, Q345B must distinguish clearly.


       The following can be in accordance with the drawings of the number of order to go to the drawings, although the order is a picture of a Pa, but in the Pa diagram also before and after the combination, do not count the weight do not say dew. The beams on a drawing with a fixed elevation plan are not to be calculated in the elevation, since the calculation is more intuitive in the plan view. If the calculation is heavy in the elevation, there are some specific beams in the elevation Of the plan, then in the elevation map to calculate the amount of its work, such as all the plan is the elevation 10m, 20m, 30m, and the elevation of the elevation of 12m, to calculate the amount of its work, but pay attention to some specific small platform There is no such elevation, there is no elevation in the elevation of the calculation of its engineering capacity, in the future small platform plan to calculate the amount of its work can be calculated in the plan is relatively simple and intuitive and not exposed. There is no calculation of the amount of cantilever brackets in the plan view, so in the elevation map to calculate the amount of cantilever brackets.


      When calculating the floor plan, it is best not to count the elevation of a plan to calculate the elevation of all the ladder, so easy to count and more trouble, such as your calculation of the height of 10m when the plane of this layer of the ladder, to the elevation of 20m This ladder, then the two ladder is likely to be from 10m on the 20m ladder or 20m under the 10m ladder, the two ladder is actually a ladder. And so count the amount of other projects, the unified ladder, so that different rates can be used to test the rate, not easy to calculate the weight is not easy to figure out, and can count the number of different ladder, the same can be calculated a ladder Of the amount of work, then just multiply the number of a ladder can be, and can take out the details of the ladder after the ladder has been calculated to avoid the calculation of a ladder to find a detailed map, after the calculation, The next ladder is looking for a ladder detail, which can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of the calculation.


      In the calculation of the length of the column should pay attention to the elevation of the foot of the column, but also to reduce the thickness of the column floor and column roof, the column floor thickness can be seen from the drawings, but there is no specific column thickness, different columns There are different thickness of the column roof, the thickness of the node can be found from the map. The calculation of the gusset plate is a difficult problem in the calculation of the steel structure. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully understand the node graph before calculating the node board. In calculating the gusset plate, if the gusset plate is not a regular rectangle, to show the longest and widest edges by rectangular area, it is necessary to distinguish what kind of beam is steel, what kind of beam is hinged, different beams The corresponding bearing beam is different from its node board, so in the calculation of the node board should pay attention to the corresponding seat beam model, in the calculation of the joint node node board should pay attention not to be considered, but also the top of the column and column The middle of the node map to calculate, and in the height of the two beams greater than 50 and less than 50 nodes are different, should pay attention to distinguish between the operator.


      In the calculation of some special amount of the amount of the way it will be installed to install the means of engineering calculation, such as the calculation of the amount of fan-shaped platform works, the way to make the angle of the ring when the tire specifications and the number of statistics required to prevent Later to find the trouble. After calculating all the amount of work can be calculated according to the norms required to detect the number of H-beam, according to technical measures to calculate the weight of steel structure hoisting reinforcement.


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