The Distinction between H-beam and I-beam


1. Dimensions: The length of the I-beam’s side is short and its height is high, while the H-beam is with the groove depth and large thickness.

2. Direction of the force: The I-beam can withstand the force in one direction, while the H-beam can withstand the forces in both directions

3. Usage: I-beam only for steel structure beams, while the H-beam is mainly used for load-bearing column structure.

4. Forming points: I-beam is shaped rolling mills, while the H-beam welding molding.

5. Cross-sectional dimensions: I-beam cross-sectional size is small, but big H-beam cross-sectional dimensions.

6. Shape: I-beam lines are inside the arc, while the H-beam is no arc, and each side is flat.

7. The I-beam can be used directly, while the H-beam machining is required after soldering: from the use of processing welding.


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