Installing Method of Steel Structures Glass Wool

1. While laying steel structure glass wool carpets, the veneer should face the interior side, perpendicular to the purlins, stay on one side of the roof at a volume of about 20 cm felt, which will be fixed in the outermost purlins with a special jig or double-sided tape ;

2. Place the glass wool carpet on the other side of the roof with the same volume to relax the ensured and tensioned, leaving 20 centimeters of felt, with the special fixture or double-sided tape to secure the outermost purlins;

3. Between the two rolls of cotton through the veneer in the veneer with a stapler method of binding together;

4. To install the roof of color steel structure plate, removing the two sides of the eaves of the fixture, with the reserved 20 cm veneer for the glass wool side;

5. Pay attention to keeping the glass wool felt tension, aligning the seam between the volume and the volume close portrait needs lap, lap joints should be arranged in purlin place;

6. According to the requirements of projects, in order to avoid cold bridges, to consider some of the rigid insulation pad material on the purlins, such as XPS, etc;


The wall construction

1. The stick cotton toward the interior side of the unwinding from the eaves to the foot of a wall with double-sided tape glass wool carpets fixed on the lowest end of the purlins, leaving 20 cm;

2. In the glass wool carpet over the top of the wall purlin 20 cm cut off, with double-sided adhesive to fix;

3. To install color plates on the income side of the glass wool;

4. Keeping the glass wool carpets tension, to align the seam between the volume and the volume close. According JBJ26-95 "Energy conservation design standard" for the same area, the standard glass cotton is different. Low temperatures generally used in high-density areas of high thickness of glass wool. High temperature areas of low density glass wool low thickness.


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