steel structure need meet apply principle

"Application" is the most basic principle of architecture design, because the applicability of steel structure system is directly related to the use of the building function. Therefore, the design process of steel structure, we must grasp the following aspects.
Understood the building's function, characteristics and the environmental conditions, such as the building is a civil or industrial buildings, civil buildings are used for exhibition or gymnasium, industrial building is steel structure warehouse or steel structure workshop.
Understood of the state of the environment or weather conditions on the location of the building, such as the building is located in city, suburban, rural or in the valley or in coastal. Whether for the earthquake fortification intensity and site classification wait and torrential rain.
Understand the above conditions conducive to grasp the structure system from the macro in the preliminary design stage, convenient in the plan stage related to the external conditions and internal use case analysis, take corresponding measures, so as to ensure the normal use of the safety of structures and buildings, to avoid in the preliminary stage because of the various aspects of understanding is not full two caused construction in trouble.

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