prefabricated building construction analysis

h-type steel is a highly efficient economic cutting profile
whether ordinary or light, because the cross-sectional size are relatively high narrow. So the cross section of the two main sleeve of the moment of inertia difference is large. Therefore, generally only directly used in its web Inline bending of the components or will be composed of grid structure of the force components. It is not advisable for the axial compression members or the components that are curved in the plane perpendicular to the web which makes it very limited in scope of application.
h-type steel structure is a highly efficient economic cutting profile due to the cross-sectional shape is reasonable. They can make steel to play a higher performance and improve the ability to cut capacity. Unlike the ordinary hatch is the h-shaped steel flange is widened and the inner and outer surfaces are usually parallel which can be easily connected with high-strength blue and other components.
I-beam are rolling cross-section due to poor production process. H-beam rolling is different from the ordinary I-beam only with a set of horizontal roll, because of its wide flange and no slope. It is necessary to add a set of vertical roll at the same time rolling. Domestic can produce the largest rolling h-beam height of 800mm, more than only the combination of welding cross-section.
high-frequency square cross-sectional shape of the shape of steel
The square tube is a hollow square cross-section light weight thin walled steel pipe. It is Q235 hot rolled or cold rolled strip or coil as the base material by cold bending after forming and then made by high-frequency square cross-sectional shape of the shape of steel. Good mechanical properties, cold, hot workability and corrosion resistance are good, with good low temperature toughness.
Strength refers to the metal material under static load resistance to damage performance. As the load of the role of stretching, compression, so the strength is also divided into tensile strength, compressive strength. A variety of strength often have a certain connection, the use of more general to the tensile strength as the most basic strength indicators.
Both ends of the opening and has a hollow concentric cross section. its length and the surrounding relatively large steel. The specifications of the pipe are dimensioned in outer dimensions and inner diameter and wall thickness, they range from a very small diameter capillary to a large round pipe with a diameter of several meters.

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