Stability design of precast steel structure

Study on stability design of prefabricated steel structure

Stability design and analysis of precast steel structures are prone to instability, which will cause great damage to the stability of prefabricated steel structures. The stability of precast steel structures mainly refers to the deformation of prefabricated steel structures. The resistance of the internal construction of the precast steel structure created by steel structures company is unbalanced between the external and the resistance of the prefabricated steel structure. Therefore, the key to stability design is to find a relatively balanced joint point in the unbalanced force. In order to avoid large deformation of precast steel structure, which will cause instability of precast steel structure and great damage to building structure. For example, in the installation of the following diagram, it must be protected in the infrastructure construction Proof steel structure foundation is firm, otherwise the next work will not be safe and effective installation, will bring a lot of trouble to steel structure buyers.Study on stability design of prefabricated steel structure


The basic principles to be adhered to in the design of precast steel structure stability in the process of prefabricated steel structure design, the actual situation of the building and some specific requirements in the process of use should be considered synthetically. To ensure to the maximum extent that the designed precast steel structures meet the standards well. In the design process, the stability and strength should be satisfied, Reducing the use of steel to the maximum extent possible. The main purpose of reducing steel is to reduce its own weight so that the precast steel structure can have a good bearing capacity in the event of a large load. Should be maximized In order to transport and maintain the prefabricated steel structure better, the total cost can be reduced effectively. In addition, the designed prefabricated steel structure should have certain aesthetic value.


To which we should pay attention to the stability problems in the design process of inquiry in the design process of prefabricated steel residential structure, should pay attention to design of prefabricated steel structure should be divided into upper and lower layers of residential two. To be able to meet the needs of seismic and compressive, prefabricated steel structure residential type should ensure the control in the following 12 practice. The prefabricated steel structure rules will have large effects on seismic residential construction. Therefore, the prefabricated steel structure layout, should try to do the rules and piled up, so in the event of an earthquake, cause serious damage. With the development of science and technology, computer software Technology So in the design process of prefabricated steel structure, the computer aided system can be introduced to calculate the plane strength and the stability of the precast steel structure with the help of computer. In the design process of precast steel structure stability, the computer can be used to improve the working efficiency to the maximum extent.


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