Demand Analysis of Foshan Steel Structure Design Market

The steady development of the national economy and the rapid development of the steel industry, the government's policy on the steel structure industry has also changed from "saving steel" to "vigorously developing steel structure." With the guidance and support of the state industrial policy, the steel structure design industry has achieved . However, compared with the proportion of steel structures in the economically developed European and American countries exceeding 40%, the proportion of steel structures in China is less than 10%. Therefore, there is a great field of application in China's structural steel manufacturers. Development space, with economic development, market demand to promote industrial development, prefabricated workshop suppliers like the mushrooming rise, to a large extent, the construction industry to promote.

The following factors are the main aspects to promote the continuous growth of the demand for steel structure in our country:

(1) The industrialization process accelerates the demand for industrial plant construction.

Since 2002, the new cycle of economic growth in our country has shown increasingly heavy industrialization features. According to the current economic census data, the proportion of China's large and medium-sized heavy industries in total industrial output has reached 80%, indicating that the process of industrialization in our country has entered a period of accelerated development Period, which will certainly pull a large number of industrial plant construction needs.

Industrialization accelerated the construction of industrial plant needs. Since 2002, the new cycle of economic growth in our country has shown the characteristics of an increasingly heavy industry. According to the data from the 2009 economic census, the proportion of China's large and medium-sized heavy industries in total industrial output has reached 72.2%, an increase of 4.63% , Indicating that China's industrialization process has entered an accelerated period of development, which will greatly stimulate the demand for industrial plant construction. Especially with the implementation of the Rise of Central China Strategy, the establishment of the Wanjiang City Belt to undertake the Industrial Transfer Demonstration Area provides a good opportunity for the Company's expansion of the Regional Market Law. The development of industry is also the economic lifeline of a part of the country. The development of industry is accompanied by the development of partial branches.


(2) The urbanization process will continue to enhance the market demand for multi-level, space and residential steel structure design.

Many high-rise steel structures will emerge in large and medium-sized cities. With the accelerating process of urbanization in our country, a large number of urban landmarks, large public facilities, cultural and sports facilities will continue to emerge. Steel building structure design house will effectively increase. The state advocates the building of energy-saving and land-saving houses, and the design codes and supporting technologies and materials for steel structure houses are basically available. Modern prefabricated commercial buildings are an economic symbol of the city center, and life can not be separated from daily necessities. Commercial buildings provide both a place for the market and prefabricated building suppliers for the construction industry.

 (3) The need of energy construction Promote the development of electric steel structure and oil steel structure.

With the rapid construction of thermal power plants and the gradual development of nuclear power and wind power, the amount of steel used in power steel structures will be further increased. China's offshore oil has entered a large-scale development stage, will require a large number of marine engineering facilities. In addition, a considerable part of the existing offshore oil platform will be renovated in the next five years.


(4) Infrastructure investment will directly promote the market demand for steel structure design.

Traffic engineering will increase the number of bridges, railway bridges are used steel structure design, highway bridges in recent years the use of steel structure design has become the development trend; Airport terminal, waiting room and the station waiting station new construction and expansion project Increasing. The amount of steel structure design used in municipal construction will also increase accordingly. Subway and light rail projects, urban overpasses, viaducts, environmental projects, urban public facilities and temporary housing Dengjun more and more use of steel structure design.

 (5) overseas steel market demand.

As Chinese steel prices are lower than international prices, labor costs are low, steel production is of good quality and the international engineering market is relatively competitive. In recent years, foreign companies have increased their purchases of steel structures in China, and many steel enterprises have undertaken Less overseas orders. The industrial areas in developed countries are basically rare because the polluting industrial bases have basically been transferred to the developing countries. The labor costs of local developing countries are relatively low, while the local industries are also being developed. The steel structure Workshop building is an indispensable industry in the building, it is the steel structure of the building industry to pursue the market.


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