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Agricultural equipment

Shengbang agricultural equipment has steel structure workshop. There are 11 kinds of products in this series. All products are durable, environmentally friendly and waterproof. The process of steel structure agricultural equipment is in line with the superior performance of the current mainstream selection of steel structure building materials in China.




Repository benefits

Features: fast, flexible assembly, safety, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fireproof.

High cost performance: fast and convenient installation greatly shortens construction time, thus reducing cost.


Durability: the whole structure is easy to maintain and can be used for more than 50 years.

Due to the above advantages, combined with China's steel building structures, they are widely used in construction, railway, petrochemical, water conservancy construction, highway construction, military and other fields, as well as temporary earthquake relief.



Repository material description(Fiber Glass )

Glass wool is made of quartz sand, borax and other raw materials, which are melted at 1400 ℃, then the most advanced centrifugation technology is used to fibrose the fused glass, and a certain amount of binder is applied to mix them, and then the glass wool roll felt and its products are solidified and formed. Such products have very fine internal glass fiber, large quantity and huge total surface area, so as to strengthen the resistance to the air It can't flow, so the convection heat transfer of air is eliminated; similarly, the huge friction makes the carrier of sound transmission - air vibration rapidly attenuate, so that the glass wool has good heat preservation and sound absorption effect, and it is also the first choice material for heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction of steel structure buildings.




Main performance:

It has good heat insulation performance at high or low temperature.

Non combustion, no harmful gas, is recognized as "legal non combustible materials" by various countries.

It has uniform elastic restoring force.

It has sound absorption performance from low frequency, medium frequency to high frequency, with excellent noise reduction effect.

The moisture absorption rate is small under wet condition.

The coefficient of linear expansion is small.

The aging rate is low, which can maintain the original performance after long-term use.

It has good processing performance.


internal structure

Centrifugal glass wool is a typical porous sound-absorbing material, which has good sound-absorbing characteristics. Centrifugal glass wool can be made into wallboard, ceiling, space absorbers, etc. it can absorb a lot of sound energy in the room, reduce reverberation time and reduce indoor noise.




technical parameter

Specifications of glass wool products:Glass wool for steel structure jhy-m10

Basic parameters


  Testing standard technical parameter
Apparent density
GB/T5480.3 ≧10kg/m3
Average fiber diameter GB/T5480.4Microscope method ≦7.6μm
Slag ball content GB/T5480.5 0%
combustion performance GB/8624 BS476 A level 0 level(Non combustible material)
Shrinkage temperature of thermal load GB/T11835-1998 ≧250℃
Thermal conductivity GB/T10294 ≦0.058w/m.k                       (Average test temperature 24 ℃)
Hydrophobicity GB/T10299 ≧98%

Thermal resistance of products with different thickness

Thickness mm thermal resistance(m2.k/w)
50.0 1.0
75.0 1.3
100.0 1.6
120.0 2.0




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