Seven major steel production processes (too complete)-2

SBS Steel Structure 4. Operation process 1.4.1 Process flow 1.4.2 Operation process A. lofting 1) Familiar with the construction plans and found any doubt, should contact the relevant technical departments to solve. 2) Ready to do the model, the material of the rod, generally can be used thin metal and small flat steel. 3) Stake out the need for steel ruler must be verified by the measurement department, qualified before you use it. 4) Before the material must understand the material and specifications of raw materials, check the quality of raw materials. Different specifications, different materials should be part of the material. And according to the principle of the first big after the small number of materials. 5) Apply the paint on the sample plate to the processing number, the part number, the specification, and mark the hole diameter, the working line, the bending line and so on. 6) Stakeout and No. material should be set aside Shrinkage (including on-site welding shrinkage) and cutting, milling and other required processing margin: Milling end margin: cut the general processing of each side plus 3-4mm, gas cutting after processing each side plus 4-5mm. Cutting margin: automatic gas cutting groove width of 3 mm, hand gas cutting groove width of 4 mm. The amount of welding shrinkage is given by the process according to the structural characteristics of the component. 7) The main force components and the need to bend the components, the material should be in accordance with the direction of the process of reclaiming materials, bending the outside should not have the same impulse and scar defects. 8) No. material should be conducive to cutting and ensure the quality of parts. 9) The remaining material after the material should be more than material identification, including the remaining material number, specifications, materials and furnace batch number, in order to facilitate the re-use of more than expected. B. cut After cutting the steel, it must be cut according to the shape and size required. 1) Cut should pay attention to the following points: (1) When a sheet of steel arranged on a number of parts and a few intersecting shear line, should be arranged in advance of a reasonable cut process and then cut. (2) Bending deformation of the material after cutting, must be corrected; shear surface rough or with a burr, must be smooth grinding. (3) During the cutting process, the metal near the cut, due to shear and squeeze and bending, the important structural parts and weld interface location, must use milling, planning or grinding wheel grinding and other methods. 2) Sawing machinery construction should pay attention to the following construction points: (1) Steel should be straightened before cutting. (2) single-piece sawing the components, first set out the No. material line, and then cut the line. Batch processing of components, can be pre-installed positioning baffle for processing. (3) The processing of high precision requirements of the important components, should be considered to reserve the appropriate processing allowance for cutting after the end of finishing. (4) Sawing, should pay attention to cutting the vertical control of the cross-section. 3) In the gas operation should pay attention to the following process points: (1) Must be checked before gas cutting to confirm that the entire gas cutting system equipment and tools are all working properly and ensure safety. (2) Gas cutting should choose the correct process parameters. When cutting, adjust the shape of the oxygen jet (wind line), make it reach and keep the contour clear, long line and high shot force. (3) before the gas cutting, should remove the steel surface dirt, oil and floating rust and other debris, and in the following set aside some space to facilitate the blown out. (4) Gas cutting, you must prevent tempering. (5) In order to prevent gas cutting deformation, the operation should start from the short side; should first cut small pieces, after cutting large pieces; should first cut more complex, after the cutting become more simply.



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