Seven major steel production processes (too complete)-1

SBS Steel Structure Scope of application: Suitable for the construction of steel structure of the construction process, including the selection of the process, lofting, No. material, cutting, correction, molding, edge processing, tube processing, making holes, friction surface processing, Assembly, machining of pipe fittings and prefabrication of steel components. 1 .Material requirements 1.1.1 Steel used in steel, welding materials, coating materials and fasteners should have a quality certificate, must meet the design requirements and the existing standards. 1.1.2 Raw materials to be imported into the factory, in addition to the factory must have the factory quality certificate, and should be in accordance with the contract requirements and the relevant standards in the Party, the supervision of the witness, the scene witness sampling, sampling, inspection and acceptance, Do check records. And to provide inspection reports to Party A and the supervisor. 1.1.3 In the processing process, if found to be defective raw materials, must be checked by the staff, in charge of technical staff research and treatment. 1.1.4 Substitution of materials shall be made by the manufacturing unit in advance with the application of the certificate of material (technical approval form), to the Party and the supervision of the review, the design unit can be used instead. 1.1.5 It is strictly forbidden to use a leather peel or a rust-welded electrode, a tamponized or melted flux, and a rusted wire. The pegs used for stud welding shall not affect the use of cracks, streaks, dents and burrs. 1.1.6 Welding materials should be centralized management, the establishment of special warehouse, the library to be dry, well ventilated. 1.1.7 Bolts should be stored in dry and ventilated rooms. The acceptance of high-strength bolts shall be carried out according to the requirements of JGJ82, the design, construction and acceptance procedures for high-strength bolted connections of steel structures according to the current national standard. It is strictly forbidden to use high-strength corrosion, contamination, dampness, bruises and mixed batches bolt. 1.1.8 Paint should meet the design requirements, and stored in a special warehouse, shall not use expired, deterioration, agglomeration failure of the paint. 2. Main machine 1.2.1 Main equipment Steel structure for the production of long tools. 3. Operating conditions 1.3.1 To complete the construction details, and signed by the original design recognition. 1.3.2 Construction organization design, construction program, work instructions and other technical preparations are ready. 1.3.3 Various process qualification tests and process performance tests and material procurement plans have been completed. 1.3.4 The main material has entered the factory. 1.3.5 A variety of mechanical equipment commissioning acceptance. 1.3.6 All production workers have been pre-construction training, to obtain the appropriate qualifications of the induction certificate.



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