Prefabricated Steel Structures at SBS

Since Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (for short "SBS") manufactures prefabricated buildings. All these prefabricated steel structures are made in workshops in the best of quality. We ensure to provide the highest quality structures which is possible due to the prefabricated workshop suppliers we have. They work to the best of their capability to provide high quality steel structures. The kinds of prefabricated steel structures we manufacture can be listed down as;

  • Prefabricated Street Villa
  • Prefabricated Street Parking Lift Frame
  • Prefabricated Steel Elevator Shaft

Our prefabricated building manufacturers build all the above types of steel structures.


Prefabricated Street Villa

The prefabricated steel structures are the best form of steel structures with the best value in housing. They are available in wide variety of sizes and styles. These prefabricated steel villas are light weight. Hence, they are especially suitable for the traveling. Moreover, they can also be used for the industrial purposes and/or family use. The beautiful design of the street villa and high classic material meet the high requirement of the life in mind of our customers. We supply the excellent service in design according to the different condition and keeping in mind the customers’ different requirements. We also make sure while making these prefabricated steel structures that the ones made are easy to assemble and recycled or reused without making any building garbage.


Prefabricated Street Parking Lift Frame

As the name suggests these steel structures are made for car lifting. The prefabricated workshop supplier designs these structures to be of high quality and its features ca be put down as;

  • Smooth lifting motion  
  • Flexible on lifting height  
  • Build-in balance system
  • Small space occupation  
  • Remote control is optional
  • High precision hydraulic drive system
  • Double cylinder design for scissor type
  • Full safety features available as an option
  • Actuating Device  
  • Stable and quiet
  • Fast lifting speed
  • Easy maintenance
  • Build-in balance system  
  • Small space occupation
  • Good for looking  
  • Hot dip galvanizing
  • Full safety features available as an option
  • Best method to prevent steel work from rusting


Prefabricated Steel Elevator Shaft

Prefabricated building manufacturers design shaft structures for lifts and to address the lifting problems. These structures are defined to have the following features;

  • Flexible molding/modular
  • Greater strength for a given weight
  • Speed in assembly, as opposed to on site build
  • Accuracy of build, and installation. Can provide a datum for builders to work to with precision during manufacture at client option
  • No dust painting required expensive mechanisms
  • Needs no direct supervision from site engineer, again saving man hours and expense
  • Base section can be waterproof at the factory
  • Option available to connect the building floor bar to the lift shaft reinforcing
  • The manufacturing tolerances are small
  • The speed of installation
  • The shaft walls can be designed to carry slab and beam loads


The prefabricated building manufacturers design high quality structures which can be installed in both old and new buildings alike. Our engineers study the conditions closely before installation to ensure optimum results. 


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