Design, Structure, and Types of Steel

One of the leading companies of steel structure China is Foshan Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (for short "SBS"). Over the years since the formation, the company has developed a lot. The company has the following things at hand:

· Marketing

· Design

· Development

· Manufacturing

· Construction

It is a certified and well-reputed company.  The company manufactures frames, panels, and plates which are eco-friendly. The topmost priority on the SBS list is protecting the environment. SBS has spread its operations over ninety countries including South America, Africa etc.

SBS provides steel building structures that fulfill all the customers’ requirement. They engage is large scale projects and provide the quality work to their customers. They have their own team of professionals and experts which not only provide their services but advice as well.


The steel building structure design involves the following:

• The architecture of the building  

• Concept behind structure

• A proper examination of the structural steel  

• Verifying the members

The designing process includes specifications of all the materials, the know-how of the assemblies.  Incorporating steel in the construction of buildings has gained a lot of popularity due to its cost-effective and durable characteristics.  SBS is famous for manufacturing warehouses, workshops, and villas etc. which are solely constructed from the steel structure.  They have a team of highly qualified designers who will help you design your project in a fast and flexible way. Your needs and requirements form the basis of their idea. Whereas they keep on giving their expert opinion but considering it is totally up to you.

sbs steel building structures

The main component in building  

The main component in steel building structure is the steel. The buildings which are constructed of steel are made in such a way to provide internal and external support to the building.  The use of structural steel in the building structures is becoming very common nowadays. There are many reasons behind its preference such as durability, less time consuming, strength, eco-friendly, resistant to fire, ductile etc. There are three main types of steel such as:

1. Structural steel

The development of structural steel is done from cross-sections.  The composition of the structural steel has a very definite process. The structural steel differs from country to country. It is available in the following shapes:

• Z shape

• I-Beam

• L shape

• HSS shape

• T shape

• Bar

• Plate

• Rod

• Rail profile

• structural channel


2. Rebar steel

It is another type of steel which is known as “reinforced steel” and is utilized in structures of concrete. It is composed of carbon steel and is used to support concrete and other structures in order to keep them compact. It’s available in the following grades:   

• Vibrant ductile strength

• Yield strength

• Elongation percentage

• Chemical composition

It has the quality of being durable, resistant and stiff.

3. Mild Steel

It is a type of plain carbon steel which is used in construction. It is also strong with durability like the other two types of steel. It is strong and flexible like the structural steel. Lastly, it is earthquake resistant.  


Residential steel buildings Built to Last a Lifetime

sbs steel building structures

Residential homes have taken on a new dimension. No longer do you have to use inferior material or common brick and mortar. Steel construction materials suppliers and structural steel fabricators have come together to afford residential home owners, the opportunity to construct durable homes that can withstand natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and even fire. Structural steel contractors are innovative in their designs, building homes in unique styles and patterns, with construction taking less than half the time it would, using traditional material. These homes are especially beneficial to those who live in hurricane prone areas, but they can be constructed literally, anywhere you like, whether as a beach home or a home in the city.

You may have seen the skeleton steel structures of many buildings that were newly constructed, filled in with glass and maybe some homes have used steel structure as well, filled in with brick and concrete. However, structural steel fabricators are using steel to create sandwich paneling for walls and roofs. These panels are easily fitted together, locking into place and made of layers of steel sheets, filled with lightweight material that offers insulation and fire resistance, created using advanced technology. Each panel can be buckled to each other, similar to the way a toy railway track fits together, except even better. The way they fit into each other, reduces the possibility of leaking, especially if used on roofs. Each panel is coated with a polythene film during processing so that each surface is scratch resistant.

To construct the residential home of your dreams, you would need to first hire structural steel contractors. They may guide you when designing your plan or if you have one readily available, they would then use this design to take to the construction materials suppliers and structural steel fabricators to have them tailor the sandwich paneling for the construction of your home. Once the materials are designed, the installation or putting together of your new home is fairly simple. Structural steel contractors are the ones you would be liaising with from start to end, making your steel fabricated home acquisition, as stress free as possible. There would be no need to hire additional architectures or engineers.

Other cost savings benefits to using steel are:

· Construction cost is drastically reduced as opposed to conventional or traditional construction

· Little or no maintenance required on steel exteriors, drastically reducing cost on overall upkeep

· Repairs to the building are easier and less expensive than those of traditional homes

· Steel structures are very durable, so you would enjoy better insurance rates

· All steel buildings are more energy efficient than the conventional or traditional type homes

· Steel would not rot, get mold, shrink or split, and are less vulnerable to termites or other pests

Each part of your residential home would be made to easily interlock with each other. To further save on construction cost, you can even install your new home yourself. All the materials are lightweight so you don’t need to worry about high transportation costs. 


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