Classification and labeling of steel structure building

First. ferrous metals, steel and nonferrous metals

      Before introducing the classification of steel structure building, please briefly introduce the basic concepts of ferrous metals, steel and non-ferrous metals.


     1.ferrous metal is iron and iron alloy.

Such as steel, pig iron, cast iron and so on. Steel and pig iron are based on iron, carbon as the main element of the alloy, collectively referred to as iron-carbon alloy. Pig iron is the iron ore into the blast furnace smelting products, mainly used for steel and manufacturing castings. The cast pig iron in the melting furnace melting, that is, cast iron (liquid), the cast iron cast into castings, this cast iron is called cast iron.

    Ferroalloy is composed of iron and silicon, manganese, chromium, titanium and other elements of the alloy, ferroalloy is one of the raw materials of steel, steel in steel when the steel deoxidizer and alloying elements used.

     2. the steel with iron into the steel furnace according to a certain process of melting, that is steel.

Steel products are steel ingots, cast slabs and cast directly into a variety of steel castings. Generally speaking, steel, generally refers to the rolling into a variety of steel steel. Steel is black metal but steel is not exactly equal to ferrous metal.

     3.non-ferrous metals, also known as non-ferrous metals, refers to the metal and alloys other than black metal, such as copper, tin, lead, zinc, aluminum and brass, bronze, aluminum alloy and bearing alloys.

In addition, the industry also uses chromium, nickel, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, vanadium, tungsten, titanium, etc., these metals are mainly used as alloy additives to improve the performance of metal, including tungsten, titanium, molybdenum and other Of the cemented carbide. These non-ferrous metals are known as industrial metals, in addition to precious metals: platinum, gold, silver and other rare metals, including radioactive uranium, radium and so on.



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