Installation of steel structure lifeline

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Lifeline program:


First. Overview

As a result of the construction of steel structures at high altitudes, operators are faced with a wide range of risks when walking or operating on steel beams or gauges. The risk of falling is the greatest risk and the consequences are the most serious. In order to ensure the safety of the aerial workers, in the construction process to take a temporary installation of a series of wire grid lines in the steel structure of the high-altitude operation, this temporary installation of the rope called "lifeline." The operating personnel in the high-altitude operation will be wearing the safety rope buckle in the lifeline, in case the occurrence of staff fall, the body can still be suspended in the lifeline, will not fall to the ground and a security incident. Lifeline must have the following characteristics:

1, safe and reliable, must ensure sufficient strength and stability, so as to withstand the fall of the lifeline when the momentum generated.

2, convenient and feasible, the completion of the lifeline must not affect the project of each operation process, the operating staff in the operation process to facilitate the use.

3, easy to install and remove the lifeline of the installation and removal should not spend too much manpower and material resources, so as not to affect the progress of the project schedule and cost.

Second, the lifeline selection of materials


Third, the lifeline layout

First in the building around the arrangement of a circle of the main lifeline, and then along the direction of the beam every other axis arranged a lifeline. Lifetime of the lifeline is about 1 meter above the top of the beam.


Fourth, lifeline when using the precautions and maintenance

1. The operator boarded the roof beam, began to high-altitude operation before the safety rope buckle in the lifeline. When working or moving, the safety rope is always on the lifeline and moves with the operator.

2. In the transition from a life line to another life line, you must first buckle another safety rope before the release has been fastened safety rope.

3. Every day to send someone to check the use of the lifeline, such as the discovery of wear or other security risks, immediately take measures to correct and make a record.

4. Check the lifeline every day with the beam surface of the steel pipe connection, such as the discovery of U-card loose or other security risks, take immediate measures to correct and make a record.

Fifth, the lifeline of the demolition

At the beginning of the installation of roof panels and insulation cotton, that is, to begin to arrange personnel to remove the lifeline. Lifeline should be divided into pieces, the beginning of the removal of 1-2 between the axis of the lifeline, the installation of the roof to the 3 axis when the 3-4 axis between the lifeline. Follow this order to gradually remove all lifelines.


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