C payments before equipment installation considerations

C payments before equipment installation considerations

According to the information, C-beam equipment during installation, need to be very serious and careful treatment, so when installing C-beam equipment, need to pay attention to the following five aspects.


1. Before the erection, the unit project director should be according to the structural steel pressure tile machinery under the scheme of demolition, to security technology scheme of scaffolder, make both parties signing formalities, vertical rod applied research by two matching operation, large and small bar with stud connection, two people must also cooperate.

2. material preparation, the approach of the steel pipes, fasteners, steel structure of machinery, safety net pressure tile inspection test.

3. scaffolder species homework personnel shall hold a valid operation card mount guard.Must wear a seat belt, you must wear shoes, it is forbidden to wear plastic shoes, leather shoes and other hard easy sliding shoes up homework.Operating tools and small parts to put inside tool bag, sleeves up mouth, neck and legs, in case the hook the danger.

4. c-beam equipment build-up in the accumulated error exceed allowable deviation, hard to commit to correct, after each take a step to the porter hand frame, in accordance with the provisions, school step distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance, poling verticality.

5. familiar with drawings and the construction site, to master the structure characteristics of building plane and building elevation, environmental conditions, in accordance with the construction construction fastener type steel tube steel pressure tile mechanical safety technical specifications "(JGJ130-2001) in the structural requirements, decided to steel structure pressure tile mechanical interval, and other concrete build-up steps.etc.


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