The Characteristics of the Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Easy installation and flexible
Composite board is not only a substantial reduction in the structure of the basic engineering and steel structure engineering cost, and long life to tear open outfit for many times, convenient installation and comprehensive benefit is significant.
Fire prevention performance is good 
B1 level core material for flame retardant materials, the itch index was 50%, the burning won't melt, and there is no smoke, no high temperature decomposition dripping.Is currently the tallest building decoration in Chinese fire rating plate.
Using the temperature range
Core material the use of temperature in - 196°C to + 196°C, instantly up to + 200°C. Even at low temperature environment when using closed reduction, the lower the environment is not brittle, is cryogenic engineering ideal insulation (cold storage).
Low thermal conductivity
The coefficient of thermal conductivity of composite plate is small, the thermal insulation performance is good.
Avirulent insipidity
When the core material without freon as foaming agent, burned non-toxic tasteless, overflow of gas are harmless to human body, in line with national environmental requirements, is a new type of green building materials.
Waterproof and wet
Foam core material is organic polymer materials and its structure is a closed groove, has good resistance to water vapor permeability and hygroscopicity.
The construction is simple
Composite board, in accordance with requirements of the project, on the basis of the number plate width for processing production, installation.Its installation effect looks neat and beautiful, but with all the current domestic construction decoration plate.

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