Development status of prefabricated steel structure logistics warehousing and plant buildings-2

The most used in commercial use is the steel structure warehouse, and its advantages are as follows.
1. Speed: We need to know that in many warehousing industries, the sooner the construction of the warehouse can be put into use in advance, then by using this easier way to build the warehouse, all the parts are prefabricated in advance, so the whole process can be carried out quickly during construction, then the labor and other costs required because of the short time are relatively low.
2. Stability: Because it is very important to ensure the stability of the warehouse in many warehousing industries, and the prefabricated steel structure building is very flexible when designing, so it will consider the stability problem when building. Cameras mounted inside can also have a larger field of view. And because steel itself is a strong material that can withstand a lot of bad weather. And because of the characteristics of its material, there is no need for confidence that there will be fire, resulting in the destruction of internal storage items.
3. Space: If we want to maximize profits when using warehouses, then we need to make better use of storage space as much as possible. The steel building does not need to support the cylinder in the structure inside, so it can have more space to meet the storage needs when storing.
4. Environmental protection: According to structural steel fabricators, steel structure warehouse is a very environmentally friendly material, which will not cause any pollution to this environment during installation and dismantling, so it is very popular.
Steel structure has been greatly developed in the construction industry, especially the rapid development of the logistics industry, logistics warehousing buildings have been built and used in a large area. And fast, new, automatic, environmental protection and energy saving is the trend of modern development, steel structure warehouse also has these advantages to adapt to this society, to provide people with more convenience, bring more benefits.
5. Cost-effectiveness
Prefabricated steel structure warehouse has low cost due to high construction efficiency. Faster assembly means fewer man-hours. This can save you a lot of money. In addition, the maintenance cost of the new warehouse will be significantly lower than the warehouse built with other materials. These buildings can last more than 50 years with little to no replacement or repair parts. Metal is also resistant to fire, pests and small animals, mold and decay. This usually means lower policy premiums – and this savings will certainly accumulate over the life of the warehouse.
Because the plasticity of steel is very strong, so the use of steel structure to build a building, to a large extent will improve the aesthetics of the project and its performance, from these benefits of using steel structure building, you can anticipate the new trend of steel structure in the future development, i believe that in the future will be able to reach a new height. There is also a lot of warehouse demand is more urgent, especially large warehouses. The biggest advantage of choosing a steel structure warehouse is that the construction period of the steel structure is shorter, the construction is more convenient, and the investment cost is greatly reduced. In addition, with the development of business, some people's warehouses will definitely face the problem of moving addresses, and another advantage of steel structure buildings is highlighted at this time. Because after all, it is light, the moving project of the steel structure warehouse will be more convenient, and there is no pollution problem for recycling. In the era when the environment is so bad and the air pollution is relatively serious, the steel structure warehouse will no longer be used after use, and the waste can be recycled without pollution is its advantage, as well as the premise of continued development.
Although the steel structure warehouse and plant industry have made gratifying progress in China, the development is far from enough. First, the construction industry in all countries in the world is one of the main users of steel, industrially developed countries in the growth period of their construction industry capital construction steel generally accounts for more than 30% of the total amount of steel, and China's current construction steel consumption only reaches 22~26%. Second, although the industry management department and all walks of life are emphasizing the development of steel structure workshop buildings, but because the development of steel structure workshops has been slower than reinforced concrete structures for many years, people are not very familiar with this, and the advantages of steel structure workshop buildings in many aspects are not enough understanding, and some projects can not adopt the optimal scheme of steel structure workshop system, there is a problem of changing concepts. Third, for the owner and design unit, the steel structure workshop is gradually changing the traditional architectural design concept, which requires the designers of our steel structure manufacturers to constantly enrich the design thinking of the steel structure workshop, learn advanced design experience, break through the traditional structural constraints, and constantly adapt to the requirements of the new situation.
In addition, prefabricated steel structure workshop because of its special construction principle, so there are certain differences in the pre-construction design and general concrete building design, because structural steel fabricators should consider several of the problems in the design of the workshop: building support structure design, ventilation design, waterproof design, heat resistance design, etc.
1. The steel structure workshop building is used beyond the deadline, or overloaded with load-bearing, which will cause great burden on the steel structure building; If there is a force imbalance between the components, this will also cause damage to the steel structure workshop building. In response to this situation, we can prevent it through some measures, and when the damage occurs, the steel structure can be reinforced with measures, such as adding a steel structure with strong bearing capacity in the place where the force is uneven, so that the overall structure is balanced by force, thereby playing a role in reinforcement; Or it can also reduce the load-bearing capacity of the steel structure at the transfer damage, that is, reduce the load.
2. There are two ventilation methods for steel structure workshops, namely natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation is the use of the natural flow of air to introduce outdoor air into the room, the indoor air and heat discharge to the outdoors, the characteristics of the plant can use the indoor and outdoor temperature difference caused by the heat pressure and wind blowing to the building and the pressure difference on different surfaces to achieve ventilation, is an economical and reasonable ventilation method.
3. Due to the particularity of steel structure workshop, waterproofing is an important and common problem, resulting in many reasons for water leakage in steel structure workshop, but mainly design problems and construction problems. During the construction process, the roof enclosure is not protected, and the roof is stepped on at will, which destroys the smoothness of the roof and even cracks, and the gutter is not anti-corrosion.  Therefore, according to these problems in the waterproof design, first of all, the design specifications should be strictly followed, and the design indicators should not be arbitrarily reduced because of cost savings, and the design should be combined with the actual situation of the construction site. Construction technicians are familiar with drawings, drawing review, clear design intent, familiar with the structural characteristics of engineering structures, node details, fortification levels, materials used, determine the technical requirements of construction technology, prepare feasible construction plans, clarify section division, construction progress, operation characteristics and other technical guarantee measures, consider every detail of engineering waterproofing, so that the design intention can be implemented. Adopting reasonable roof construction scheme and detailed node structure treatment measures, and strengthening on-site control is the key to ensure smooth roof drainage and waterproof sealing.
Although there are still a variety of unsatisfactory or need to improve aspects, but steel structure companies also continue to keep pace with the times to introduce talents, from the development of steel structure workshop talent quality, after several years of development, professional steel structure companies designers have formed a certain scale, and their professional quality in practice has been continuously improved. The integration of steel structure workshop in design, production and construction, effectively improve the utilization level of steel structure workshop, will also become the leading plant construction in the next few years.
The development of steel structure has broad prospects, the construction of Olympic venues, the implementation of the western development, the further acceleration of urbanization and industrialization, the launch of major infrastructure projects, etc., all provide a very broad prospect for the development of China's steel structure. China's steel structure is now no inferior to foreign countries, whether it is the design level or the production and installation technology, which can fully meet the needs of China's economic development and capital construction. At the same time, steel enterprises through structural adjustment and technological transformation of steel products varieties and materials have been significantly improved, today, steel structure has been widely used in various fields of national economic infrastructure, steel structure industry has a considerable scale, formed a number of scientific research, design, manufacturing, construction, supervision and other bone structural steel companies.



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