Development status of prefabricated steel structure logistics warehousing and plant buildings-1

Prefabricated steel structure because of its light weight, high strength, strong seismic resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, comfort and other characteristics in the construction project has been reasonable, rapid application, its application marks the development of the construction industry, along with the development of China's social economy and the increasing perfection of science and technology, the production of steel structure has also achieved a qualitative leap. Steel structure has the conditions of green building, is conducive to protecting the environment, saving energy building, which conforms to the development of the times and the needs of the market.
With the rapid development of social economy, people's living habits have also changed greatly, especially in shopping, people no longer only rely on the one-stop shopping of supermarkets, many people are sitting in the office with the mouse to complete the purchase of favorite items, this seemingly convenient way behind the strong logistics support, many logistics warehouses came into being. Logistics storage warehouses have different requirements for space and load than general warehouses and plants because they need colleagues to meet the two functions of logistics and warehousing.
The new type of steel structure warehouse is an indispensable and important part of the logistics industry, it is one of the forms with a high level of technology, the main body is composed of shelves, roadway stacking cranes, inlet (out) warehouse workbench and automatic transportation (out) and operation control system. The shelf is composed of steel structure system, which can realize the rationalization of the warehouse high-rise, automatic access and simple operation, and the management is computer or bar code technology. Steel structure warehouse has very superior performance, in terms of space utilization has been greatly improved, it fully saves limited precious resources land, its utilization rate is two to five times that of ordinary warehouses, this number for modern sustainable development strategy to protect the environment is considerable, it also facilitates the formation of advanced logistics system, improve the production management level of enterprises, traditional warehouse is only a place for goods storage, preservation of goods is its only function, is a kind of "static storage".
The current steel structure warehouse is an important production link of enterprise outsourcing and production into automatic storage, is an automated system, is the opposite of the traditional static warehouse of the dynamic warehouse, not only can make the goods in the warehouse according to the need for automatic access, but also with the warehouse outside the production link organic connection, through the computer management system and automatic material handling equipment to make the warehouse become an important link in the production logistics of the enterprise. Reduce the errors that may occur in the storage of goods, improve work efficiency, but also the handling work becomes safe and reliable, reduce the damage of goods, but also ensure the safety of porters, the new steel structure warehouse can also form an advanced production chain, promote the progress of productivity. Although modern warehouses are still not popular in China, they will be widely used in the near future, and it is too suitable for modern fast-paced, automated lifestyles and habits.

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