Problems and solutions in the installation of steel structure warehouse

Nowadays many large factories are using steel structure warehouse construction method, although the structure of the steel structure building is good, there are still a large number of problems in the installation process of the steel structure warehouse, that must be taken in time to take effective measures to solve. Due to the uneven level of manufacturers and construction teams in the production of steel structure warehouse, many construction personnel have insufficient experience. Therefore, the current installation quality of steel structure warehouse has aroused great concern in the industry.



Some of the problems and solutions to the installation of steel structure warehouse.
1. Embedded parts (anchor bolts) problem phenomenon: overall or layout offset; wrong elevation; silk buckle did not take protective measures. Directly caused the steel column bottom plate bolt hole is not in place, resulting in insufficient length of the wire buckle.
Measures: steel structure construction units cooperate with civil construction units to complete the embedded parts work, concrete pouring and tamping before. Dimensions must be checked and fixed firmly.



2. The anchor bolt is not vertical: the horizontal degree of the bottom plate of the frame column foot is poor, the anchor bolt is not vertical, and the horizontal error of the buried anchor bolt after the foundation construction is large. After the column is installed, it is not in a straight line, and it is crooked from east to west, which makes the appearance of the house not good, brings errors to the installation of steel columns, and the structural force is affected, which does not meet the requirements of the construction acceptance specifications.


Measures: Anchor bolt installation should adhere to level the bottom plate with the lower adjustment bolt first, and then fill it with secondary grouting without shrinkage mortar. Therefore, when the anchor bolt is constructed, the anchor bolt can be fixed by steel reinforcement or angle steel. Weld into a cage, improve support, or take some other effective measure to avoid the anchor bolt being shifted one bit when pouring foundation concrete.



In the installation of steel structure, there are still many problems to be further explored, therefore, in the actual project we should continue to sum up experience, improve the solutions, so that the related problems can be timely and effective control.


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