Fire protection measures for steel frame warehouse

With the rapid development of China's steel structure construction, steel structure engineering has become the mainstream of China's industrial construction industry because of its simple design structure, light weight, high strength, fast construction speed and cheap price and etc, so that a large number of steel structure in industrial warehouses, high-rise buildings have been excellent applications. But the fire resistance of steel frame warehouse is poor, the fire protection of steel structure is particularly significant, so how to do the fire protection setting of steel frame warehouse?
Regarding the structure fire prevention of steel structure, steel structure usually in 450 to 650 degrees temperature will lose the carrying capacity, a large deformation, resulting in steel columns, steel beam bending, the result because of excessive deformation can not continue to use, generally unprotected steel structure fire resistance limit of about 15 minutes. The length of time is also related to the speed at which the component absorbs heat. In order to overcome the deficiency of fire prevention in practical application, fire protection treatment must be carried out, and in order to improve its fire resistance limit, several fire protection measures of steel structures are introduced below,
1. Expansion materials
The use of steel structure fire protection coating to protect components, this method has good fire insulation performance, construction is not limited by steel structure geometry and other advantages, generally do not need to add auxiliary facilities, and the coating quality is light, there is a certain aesthetic decorative effect, belongs to the modern advanced fire prevention technology measures.
2. Outsourcing layer.
Construction personnel can try to add cladding to the surface of the steel structure, either by casting in place or by spraying. Cast-in-place solid concrete cladding is usually reinforced with wire mesh or steel bars to limit cracks caused by shrinkage and ensure the strength of the shell. The spraying process creates a protective layer on the surface of the steel structure at the construction site by applying sand pumps, which can be lime cement or gypsum mortar, or permeated with pearl wool or asbestos.
3. The water filling
Filling water in hollow steel structure is the most effective protection against fire. This method can keep the steel structure at a lower temperature in fire and absorb external heat, so as to reduce the loss of steel structure.
Fireproof coating is one of the common steel structure fire prevention measures, construction personnel can be wrapped by refractory materials in the gap between two walls, this kind of fire prevention only needs to add refractory materials can achieve the ideal fire prevention purpose.

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