What Type of Steel Can Be Used for Buildings?

Steel buildings are known to have higher resistance due to their strength, and steel construction does not cost as much as concrete or wood construction usually does. It is important to note that there are various advantages of using steel over wood in construction, and due to the number of places starting to incline towards using steel based on its numerous benefits, it has become awfully common. Steel construction is also environment friendly, and can resist natural calamities like earthquakes.


Galvanized Steel

The grayish galvanized steel with a tensile strength of 50,000 psi is zinc-coated steel. Paint, weld- and join-friendly, weatherproof, stain proof, long-lasting, cost-effective and almost maintenance free, galvanized steel is suited for residences, commercial buildings, bridges and airports.


Aluminum Steel

Type 2 pure aluminum coated low carbon steel has a steel substrate, a middle gray aluminum-iron alloy layer and a topmost pure aluminum and aluminum-iron particles layer.

Used for building panels, awnings and roofs and even marine environments, this bright metallic, strong malleable steel preserves building integrity and accepts welding and various finishes. More lasting than equally thick galvanized steel, its atmospheric corrosion resistance exceeds Type 1 aluminum-silicon coated steel’s resistance.


Terne Metal

Terne metal or thin gauge steel is carbon steel or stainless steel coated with an 80:20 tin-zinc alloy through a hot dip process. Terne has mild steel equivalent tensile strength and a low shine light grey satin texture. Terne metal does not require painting. Terne is weatherproof, solder friendly, formable, durable and maintenance free. The highly corrosion resistant Terne metal roofs, sidings, downspouts, fascias and gutters are used in buildings in harsh coastal and industrial conditions.







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