Seven major steel production processes (too complete)-6

SBS Steel Structure 5. Quality standards See "Structural Engineering Quality Acceptance Specification" GB50205-2001 6 .product protection 1.6.1 In the production process of the process must have finished product protection measures, the process transferred to the next process must comply with the relevant norms and design requirements. 1.6.2 Edge processing of the groove, you need to apply a protective film coated, and pay attention not to collision. 1.6.3 Correction and molding parts, assembled semi-finished products, stacking, mats and stacking the number of reasonable, to prevent bending deformation. 1.6.4 The treated friction surface shall be protected against oil and damage. 1.6.5 It has been painted anti-corrosion paint parts, semi-finished products (hollow ball, bolt ball and accessories) and assembly, to prevent bumps, if bumps, and then anti-corrosion paint on the fill. 7 .should pay attention to the problem 1.7.1 Technical quality 1. When there is doubt about the steel, you should be sampled re-inspection, only the test results to meet the requirements of national standards and technical documents when the request can be used. 2. Stake out the use of the ruler must be tested by the unit of measurement qualified, and with the civil, installation and other related aspects of the use of steel ruler check. 3. With the flame correction, the steel grades Q345, Q390, 35, 45 of the weldment are not allowed to water cooling, must be in the natural state of cooling. 4. High-strength bolt holes and holes must meet the regulatory requirements, it is directly related to the installation of a large problem. 5. The treated friction surface should be properly protected; natural rust, the general rust period shall not exceed 90 days, the friction surface shall not be reused. 1.7.2 Safety measures 1. Seriously implement the safe operation of each type of work. 2. Electrical equipment to take leakage protection measures to prevent electric shock. 3. Do not overload the crane. 4. When the operation of various types of work, to wear good labor protection supplies.



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