Analysis on Difficulties in Construction Technology of Large Steel Structure-1 SBS Company

One. Key to steel structure engineering management

Steel structure with its green, factory production, the use of space and other advantages of more and more favored by investors.

In the construction, the steel structure in the factory made components transported to the scene, so the components hoisting, measurement correction, welding time than the reinforced concrete construction time is short, the construction staff than the reinforced concrete structure less.

In the construction management, the steel structure requires a longer preparation time, large-scale steel structure construction should be a month before the start of the project to deepen the design, steel procurement, factory processing, etc., in order to ensure continuous lifting of steel components.

Detailed design, steel procurement, factory processing, on-site installation of welding and other key links must be unified management, and civil engineering, electrical and mechanical equipment, interior decoration, exterior decoration curtain wall and other professional closely.

Due to the complexity of the steel structure engineering itself, the steel structure department is set up in the general contracting project manager department. All the personnel are professionals with many years of experience in the construction management of the steel structure. They are familiar with the construction technical requirements and construction management process of the multi-storey steel structure. The integration of steel structure management into the unified management of the project is conducive to the general contracting project manager of the civil engineering, steel structure, mechanical and electrical equipment, decoration professional coordination and management. Therefore, the details of deepening the design, processing detailed design, steel procurement, factory processing, on-site installation and welding management is the focus of the project general contract management.



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