Analysis on Difficulties in Construction Technology of Large Steel Structure-1 SBS Company(2)

Two. Progress assurance measures

In order to ensure the overall progress of the steel structure construction plan, the general contractor should be from the site schedule management, deepening the quality of design work, steel supply procurement, steel production subcontractor selection, production plant supervision, site stacking site deployment, Management and other aspects of integrated management, for which I developed the following measures:

1. The project will set up the steel structure department, presided over the deepening of steel structure design, processing detailed design, the main material procurement, production plant selection, production plant supervision, on-site installation of feed planning, site coordination and other work, in order to achieve steel construction progress plan Unified management.

Steel structure of the staff should be familiar with the steel structure and steel structure, with years of steel structure construction management experience.

2. Steel structure to deepen the design capacity and speed of steel procurement orders directly affect the time, so the deepening of the steel structure design Division I will have more than 10 years of steel design experience in the design of a steel design designer to host the work, which can with the original design institute And designers to establish good communication skills. In the shortest possible time to complete the deepening of the design is the key to steel purchase.

3. Steel processing plants from the equipment capacity, personnel capacity, quality control, production management capabilities, capital deployment capacity and other aspects to meet the project needs to ensure that the components shipped to the scene as planned.



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