Analysis On Applicability of Prefabricated Steel Structure Workshop Building

For the economic analysis of prefabricated steel structure buildings,in addition to the consideration of the construction cost, comprehensive considerations should be taken from the comprehensive use of the area of steel structures, the earthquake resistance and foundation treatment of structures, the flexibility of steel structure construction, the construction period, and the impact of construction on the surrounding environment,systematic analysis, and based on its comprehensive economic benefits.

Economic Performance Analysis of Small High-rise Steel Structures

The steel content of steel structures is generally 85kg/m2. The average steel content of similar reinforced concrete structures is generally 79kg/m2. The steel content of steel structure buildings is increased by 9.7%, which increases the cost by 5%. In order to comprehensively consider the main economic indicators of the two structural systems of the prefabricated steel structure construction base construction cost, building envelope construction cost and other maintenance costs, it can be seen that the average construction cost of steel structure buildings is approximately 8.8% higher than that of reinforced concrete structures. The cost of the building envelope structure of steel structures is the main reason leading to the difference.

sbs steel structure

Economic Performance Analysis of High-rise Steel Structures

A 23-story prefabricated steel structure building and a 20-story reinforced concrete structure were selected as the research object. The total construction area of steel structures is 23 700 m2, and the total building area of reinforced concrete buildings is 17,900 m2.Among them, the structural cost includes the foundation treatment costs, the cost of the basement and the superstructure.

Considering the interest income, basic treatment and rental income brought by the increase in structural cost, advance construction period and effective area, the cost per unit area of 23-story steel structure buildings can be reduced to 698 yuan/m2, which is much lower than that of the 20-story steel bars. Concrete structure construction unit area cost.

In addition, seismic performance is also an important technical indicator of prefabricated steel structure systems. The use of a steel structure system in middle- and high-rise buildings can reduce the weight of the structure by about 1/3, and reduce the seismic effect by 30% to 40%. If earthquakes with the same intensity occur, due to the good eismsic performance of steel structures, steel components can effectively absorb seismic energy and win escape time. In addition, even if a steel structure collapses, it can be used for the second time because it is basically a recyclable material, does not pollute the environment, and has good environmental benefits.

The market advantages of high-rise steel structures are reflected in their high performance-to-price ratio. From the perspective of comprehensive benefits and life-cycle costs, both developers and home buyers can obtain greater benefits from high-rise steel structures, and this benefit is sustained. It can be expected that although consumers gradually accept the steel structure construction requires a gradual process, but as long as the emphasis on marketing, with the gradual increase in labor costs and the market, is mature, high-rise steel construction will eventually become one of the important types of the construction industry. The promotion of high-rise steel structure construction should start from the economically developed regions. In short, the steel structure has a very strong applicability in construction.

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