Analysis Of Common Questions In Structural Design Of Agricultural Buildings

In recent years, steel structure has been widely used in the process of house structure planning. The state has used the method of macro-control, and put forward many guidelines on the application of steel structure in the construction industry to ensure its normal operation. However, the construction skills of construction and design are constantly developing. When the policy is obtained, it will inevitably present many unlucky factors, which will affect the development of the construction industry.



In many unlucky conditions, construction designers are required to compensate for their own deficiencies together with their original planning ability, combine their professional common sense with the construction practice of using steel structure skills, increase new common sense and experience of various structural skills, innovate ideas, keep pace with the times, and then promote the development of steel structure skills in the construction of steel structure houses and agricultural steel frame buildings in China.


1. Advantages of steel structure in house structure planning

Now, compared with reinforced concrete, steel structure is increasingly used in building planning. This structure has the following characteristics: the component of steel structure construction data itself is simple, and the negative component of other structures in building construction is small, which avoids the cumbersome area of foundation treatment, reduces the workload and cost of building construction, and shortens the construction cycle; In the face of the current situation of high seismic activity, the steel structure has the characteristics of high hardness, high density and high negative gravity strength, which is conducive to resisting earthquakes, reducing building damage caused by earthquakes, reducing investment risks for construction investors and bringing outstanding economic benefits; In the process of building construction, the steel structure itself has strong pressure resistance, small structural section and small application coverage, which completes the flexibility and beauty of building placement.