Two Steps of Steel Structure Anticorrosion

Steel corrosion resistance and resistance to corrosion resistance is poor, corrosion of steel structure is not only caused economic losses, also brought the hidden danger to the safety of the structure. Accidents caused by corrosion of the steel was uncommon. There are two steps of steel structure anticorrosion.
(1)On the surface of the steel processing. The steel surface dirt will seriously affect paint adhesion on the steel surface, and to continue to expand rust under the paint film, resulting in coating failure or damage. Therefore, the impact of good or bad quality steel surface treatment coating protective effect and life, even greater than the effects of the coating itself breeds performance difference. According to statistics, the surface treatment of steel accounted for about half of the anti-corrosion coating of various factors on the coating quality effects.
(2)Brush anti-corrosion coating on the surface of steel structure. Anticorrosive coatings is a kind of colloidal solution of oil or oil-free. Coating on the steel surface, it can form a layer of thin film to protect the steel structure. Corrosion coating generally consists of primers and topcoats. The function of the primer is to make the paint film with grassroots, finish strong. Topcoats' main function is to protect the lower primer paint.
Steel structures fire performance is poor, its fire resistance is only 15 ~ 20min. According to "architectural design code for fire protection," building component in fire resistance, fire resistance rating for secondary to support multiple column 2.5 h, beam is 1.5 h, floor is 1.0 h. Therefore, we must take measures against steel structure fireproof surface. Common fire prevention measures are as follow: the fire-resistant lightweight board as fireproof cladding; In the component peripheral concrete or masonry of refractory brick; apply fire retardant coatings. General civil and large public buildings bearing steel structures should be used fire retardant paints.
Fireproof coatings can be divided into ultra-thin, thin, thick three. Plates and beams generally use ultra-thin and thin fireproof coatings, column type adopts thick fireproofing coatings. But at this stage Fire Retardant Coatings expensive, so often used in ordinary steel structure on the surface of the beam casting fine stone concrete. At this time the column surface concrete thickness of 50 mm, thickness of surface concrete beam is 25 mm, and must be connected to steel members are installed in concrete wire mesh, so that we can effectively reduce the cost.

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