Introduction and Development Prospects of the Container Housing

As China's economy continues to develop, the continuous exchange of foreign culture, a lot of new things but also gave us a lot of inspiration, a new building recently also began to penetrate into the country, and in some industries have made good use , also gradually began to get all aspects of attention, and this is the container houses, a lot of questions, what is container house, why can obtain more widely prevalent in the current international market, such as a building, and how his prospects? 
First, the container housing unit is a kind of movable box for splicing new houses. This house has great integrity, excellent security, you can resist more than eight earthquakes, typhoons over ten levels, a combination of internal space, also can according to your needs and the freedom of stitching, very convenient , can guarantee the basic life more than fifteen years, so the container houses abroad very popular, especially among young people, it is widely popular, people are depending on such a building is a popular fashion in Some housing, supermarkets, cafes, hotels, offices and so has a very good application. 
While China is a big country the base population, the demand for housing is very high, so high prices have led to a domestic situation, and the emergence of such a house, but also to a large extent eased the domestic prices of contradictions. Is a good buffer points related to a large number of experts also recommend universal use of container houses, in addition, the evaluation of container houses in some of the industry to adopt the perspective. Such a container house is worth to protect either the practicality or safety. From this, such a construction is quite marketable, i.e., the container housing a great market for!

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