Steel structure lighting plate parts

Lighting board plate and roof panel plate does not match the two sides of the lighting board is higher than the roof panels. After installation, the seal is too strict to form a light pressure inside and outside the lighting board, capillary water from the sides of the lighting board into the roof leaking. Lighting board longitudinal lap length is not enough and clay aging loss of viscosity. Longitudinal clay off, lighting board and color plate between the rigid lap and the middle of the gap is not sealed.
Waterproof screw hit the top of the crest. Lighting board at the edge of the board should be sealed with the lighting board firmly, both sides of the vertical mud to widen and lay the upper part of the crest to prevent capillary water infiltration.
The hole is not designed according to the design of the node waterproofing, steel plug placed without laying waterproof clay and silica gel. 
solution: according to the design drawings and strict construction process, silicone. Openings around the reserved area must meet the drainage requirements. Increase purlin or angle steel structure, reduce the protection of deformation. Waterproof construction and installation must be tight, smooth, so smooth flow.
Within the trench welding joints exist gaps, the formation of seepage. Gutter and rain pipe diameter design is too small and the plant does not match the length of the beam. Gutter end did not do head plate, roof outside the board into the gutter length Lack of water will fall into the factory interior.
Brick wall with light steel roof connection
Leakage reasons: the site is easy to form a hidden danger of water leakage, roof and cement wall joints leaking, the main reason for the stress is not synchronized caused by silicone rubber and adhesive surface cracking and leakage.
solution: to prevent the temperature deformation, the use of two edge connection processing and brick wall connection, the income should have a certain angle. And completely sealed, margin should be pre-sealed sealant.

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