Steel structure constructive measures

Steel structure constructive measures
Plug on the seam caused by the leakage is a role should not be overlooked. Such as to ensure that the color plate and roof cover plug installed in place, lighting board and roof cover between the lower part of the application of silicone sealant hole at the end of the steel plate set the steel plug.
Lap when the gap is susceptible to temperature changes should be sufficient to stay enough lap length.
There is water blocking rain cast more sewage. Waterproof glue, sealant aging, the use of the process of the lack of necessary maintenance.
There are many factors that cause the leakage of the steel structure maintenance system. In order to solve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to design seriously to do a good job. Three (water mouth, entrance, cornice) and four (daughter wall root, equipment root, pipe root, chimney root) and other parts of the water parts of the detailed treatment. From the construction, the development of maintenance system waterproof construction of special programs, coordinate with each other. In short, regardless of the use of any form of installation, as long as in accordance with certain construction techniques and the relevant provisions can reduce or avoid leakage problems.

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