Steel Structure Building Symbols

In the steel structure range this Symbols is very importance, every steel structure designer need to use this in the steel structure drawing. Shengbang Steel Structure Company has professional designers who have capacities to have research and development, design various steel structure buildings. Most of our professional designers have at least more than 4 year working experience on steel structure design. Our company adopts many advanced domestic and foreign design software to draw blue print design, perspective view, construction drawing and detail drawing to meet various requirements from different customers. At present, we have designed and produced plenty of foreign steel structure projects successfully and won high praises from overseas customers.
Action and action effect 
       , Design pre-tensile of high strength bolt
, Loss of pre-tensile of high strength bolt
, Test torque of high strength bolt
, Torque of completing screw of high strength bolt
,Torque of opening screw of high strength bolt.
Geometric parameter
 , Spacing interval
 ,Width or free overhang width of plate
, Eccentricity
 , Flexibility, or height of arc
 ,Height of column/pillar
 ,Height of every floor of builing
 ,Height of sectional plane
 , Calculated thickness of leg of a fillet weld
  ,Length, or span
 , Semidiameter
  ,Thickness of plate or wall
 Δ, Increment

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