Intermediate assembled structure

Part means the smallest unit composing a component or element, such as connection plate, flange plate. Component means the unit composed of several parts, such as H-shape weldable steel and cantilever bracket and etc.
Element means the steel structure’s basic unit composed of parts or parts and components, such as beam pillar and supporter .
The smallest assembled rigid unit means the smallest installation unit, other than spare parts. Ordinarily, the smallest assembled rigid units are divided to two types including plane truss and cone.
Intermediate assembled structure 
Intermediate assembled structure means the installation unit composed of spare parts and the smallest assembled rigid units which is used during installation of steel structure and divided usually into two types including strip shape type and block shape type. 
Slip coefficient of faying surface means the ratio between the foreign force generating slip movement on friction surface of adapting piece and the sum of the high strength bolt’s pre-tensile forcing on the friction surface vertically.
Stud welding means a welding method described as below: make one end of stud contact with the surface of one plate piece. Make power on and strike arc. After the contacting surface have melted sufficiently, press the stud appropriately and then end the welding.
Ambient temperature means the temperature of the preparation or installation site.
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