Install the seal bar and tile cover

1. The side of the tile at the junction, with cement for sealing directly after the cover tile, ridge tile bottom with a small tile file ending.
2. Install the front cover directly at the lower end of the tile and use the screws to fix it
3. Ridge tile junction, the control interface with scissors trimmed after the overlap and the use of glass adhesive seal.
Four. Prominent part of the water treatment
First do a V-shaped material, you can use different materials and specifications, depending on the actual situation. Do the water at the bottom of the installation in the bottom after the laying of color warehouse steel structure.
Five. Tilt surface connection installation
Refers to the construction of the two roof tiles by angle and length after the bottom of the installation of water treatment construction.First of the tile in the installation of water receiving material (ie gutter), and then use waterproof adhesive or cement to do finishing.
Sixth, safety precautions
· Wear essential safety equipment (such as gloves, helmets, insurance and other tools)
· Installation of workers who need to be certified
The skeleton must be securely installed
· Installation must be walking in the tile, try to step on the middle of the tile, to avoid stepping on the edge of the tile
· Bad weather should be carefully installed

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