EPS plays an Important Role in Color Steel Sheet

Color steel sandwich board is based on color coating steel plate 
self-extinguishing polystyrene, polyurethane, glass wool, rock wool as the core material, heat curing glue heating in continuous molding machine of pressurized composite lightweight construction. With a light weight the weight of the concrete roof, thermal insulation, its coefficient of thermal conductivity value of 0.034 W/mk, the construction speed is fast, the bright color, the characteristics of is a collection of bearing, thermal insulation, waterproof, decorate in the integration of new enclosure structure material.
Color steel is mainly used to do the color steel sheet partition
Steel urification workshop dust-free workshop of purification project are made by color steel plate. Color steel is mainly used to do the color steel sheet partition and color steel ceiling.Color steel sheet also can make colored steel door, steel window, color steel return air column.It is widely used in the field of clean room collar. Polystyrene foam sandwich panel is made surface, color steel plate type of obturator self-extinguishing polystyrene foam core material. Through an automated continuous molding machine will be used after color steel plate profiling high strength adhesive glue them into a kind of efficient and new composite materials, mainly is suitable for the public buildings, industrial factory building roof, walls and clean workshop and a combination of cold storage, building layer, kiosks, etc.  it has a complete thermal insulation, waterproof, construction speed is quick, durable, beautiful and easy, etc.

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