Analysis of construction steel corrosion treatment

Generally, the steel corrosion protective coating or corrosion is slow, the life of the building up to some hundreds of years and when some conditions there is an alarming steel corrosion rate in a few years or less can cause damage to buildings within the time. Corrosion process is generally, steel protective layer produces micro- crack and hole, the protective layer peeling, harmful media intrusion. Its antiseptic treatment is generally available from two aspects:
 to take measures in accordance with the level of corrosion
Corrosion of steel buildings can be divided into strong, medium and weak. corrosion under moderate conditions, the material has some rust, can be used to improve the member 's own weight or using a simple surface protection. Corrosion under weak conditions, materials corrosion is slower, but still need to take some measures. Corrosion material is very slow or no obvious signs of rust, components and parts can not take protective measures.
the key to treatment
 Primary treatment : Anti- corrosion steel primary treatment to be qualified to meet the specific requirements of design drawings. Such as the use of alkyd enamel, epoxy zinc-rich paint , CSM , galvanized .
    Temperature and humidity : Ambient temperature and relative humidity during coating shall conform to product requirements , the ambient temperature should be at 10-40 ℃. Relative humidity should not exceed 92% , shall not be dew coating the surface . 
    Spray coating thickness : should meet the design requirements, spray coating material used in the day day configuration and are not free to add diluent. Coating Performance : To consider the various harmful effects of media on the steel structure , select the appropriate working environment spray coating to ensure corrosion quality.

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