Analysis of Several steel structure construction

building pressure plate, the use of galvanized steel plate by rolling cold forming, the cross-section into a V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal or similar shape of these waveforms, mainly for permanent templates but also Was chosen for other purposes.
The steel plate composite plate is a very reasonable structure. It can according to its components and components of the location and characteristics give full play to steel and concrete compression performance advantages . And has a good seismic performance. This structure is currently widely used in high-rise buildings at home and abroad.
Floor plate and ordinary reinforced concrete floor contrast
The floor board can be used as a permanent template for cast-in-place concrete, eliminating the need to install and remove the template in the construction process.
After the installation of the floor board can be used as a construction platform, and because there is no need to use temporary support, nor affect the next layer of construction work.
Floor board can be used as the floor of the bottom bar to use reducing the installation of plate tendons of the workload.
According to the different shape of the plate shape, up to 41% of the floor can reduce the amount of concrete, reduce the floor weight and can reduce the corresponding beam, column and foundation size, improve the overall performance of the structure.
C-type steel purlins according to the height of different divided into 80,100,120,140,160 five specifications, the length can be determined according to the design but taking into account the transport and installation conditions, the general length of not more than 12 meters.
H-beam advantages
The two sides of the flange parallel to each other so that the connection, installation is simple. under the same section load. Hot-rolled H steel structure than the traditional steel structure weight reduction of 30% -41%.
Compared with the concrete structure, the hot-rolled H steel structure can increase the use area by 7%. While the structural weight is reduced by 31% to 42% and the structural design force is reduced.

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