Widely used steel structure engineering and construction essentials-2

Three points of steel construction:

It is very important to do a good job of the three points before the construction, which is an explanation of the customer. The cooperation between the client and our engineering is because the client trusts the quality of the pre-work and the quality of our products. This is the embodiment of a company's image Credibility, do a good job on the pre-work can better display products, from work on the welding, playing sand and matte, painting and the like steps, the most important is the design drawings, engineering must have drawings, a design team is the company The core of the project, so that the three main points of the project is crucial.


(1)do a good job preparatory work. Civil engineering construction is a more complex construction process, which has a great impact on construction quality and construction progress. Before the construction, we must do the following: (1) Design the construction drawings reasonably and strengthen the examination of the design drawings; (2) Carefully listen to the suggestions of the construction workers at the site to ensure the construction drawings are perfected before construction; (3) Make the construction staff understand the core technologies and solve the construction Heavy and difficult issues, improve construction quality.

(2)Application of welding technology in steel structure modern prefab commercial buildings construction. Welding work is also the core of civil engineering construction technology, the application of steel structure technology, we need to do: ①actively prepare for welding, the main preparation of construction materials and construction equipment to enhance safety and security; ②require welding personnel to hold employment permit , The factors that affect construction work easily during construction are analyzed. ③In welding, after a project is completed, it must be inspected to clean and clean the solder in the crack, and at the same time, the welding quality should be inspected to promote the progress of welding work.

(3) Application of tower crane technology in steel structure building construction. Tower crane construction is commonly used in civil engineering construction technology, steel structure building construction has a significant role. Tower crane equipment can be applied to a variety of strength and weight of lifting, while also reducing the cost of the project. Inside the lying is a commonly used method of construction, in the process of tower crane crane must be strictly in accordance with the standards of operation, to ensure the safety crane, tower crane to improve efficiency.


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