why are the new landmark buildings all steel structures-2?

With our newly built steel structure building open another masterpiece "the piano" as an example, it stands in the Songhua River in Harbin on the north shore of the hundred meters of the giant building completely established by steel structure , the main building of indoor skiing park is not only the world's largest indoor ski resort, but also the world's largest steel structure building experiment slow loading and wind tunnel test, single steel volume even more than the "bird's nest", it’s worthy of the name "the piano", to create a number of world records. In order to fulfil the function of ski, skiing park is adopted the design which make steel structure with the point of large span, large gap and long cantilever, design and architectural style and structure gauge are relative, part of the construction steel structure of the longitudinal maximum length of 487 meters, the maximum span of 151 meters, a maximum height of 114.5 meters, equivalent to 10 standard football field, the 40 storey super space. It will be a severe challenge to turn the over limit design into reality, from the selection of steel products, to the processing of steel members, and to the installation of various components.

Steel structure cold storage in DingHao-3

First of all, the choice of steel is so hard. The lowest temperature in winter in Harbin is -35 degrees centigrade. The surface temperature of steel structure can reach 50 degrees centigrade and the temperature difference between positive and negative is about 90 degrees centigrade under the direct sunlight in summer. To this end, the project uses a high grade Q345GBD steel, more cold resistant, more stable. The second is the manufacture of steel members. A three-dimensional structure model (BIM) must be presented to each component, and fine prediction and adjustment of the appropriate size due to temperature difference and welding shrinkage changes, so as to ensure that the components fulfil the temperature difference and welding effect of field assembly. Finally, the site construction, the difficulty is difficult to imagine. 150 meters span ultra high and overrun overall lifting, 100 meters high altitude accurate slip......

In the accuracy requirements, and even can be used "harsh" to describe, in which many parts of the installation accuracy than the national standard requirements increased by 80%, the error is not more than 5 millimeters. Moreover, most of the installation and operation of steel with a large mechanical completion in the air, as in the distance of 100 meters and act as a go-between.

Steel structure building is applied to "ordinary people's home", the space is vast. Data show that in Europe, Australia and Japan, the assembly type steel structure housing has accounted for more than 40% of all residential buildings. To promote the application of steel structure in the field of civil housing more, the development of space is great. On the other hand, combining the development of steel structure industry with the supply side structural reform is also a train of thought. Vigorously promote the development of steel structure industry, it is a recipe to resolve the overcapacity in the steel industry and green transformation of the construction industry . From this point of view, the times provide a good opportunity to promote the development of steel structure.

Steel structure building will be more and more in the future development. Because the architecture of the future will be more diverse, more and more livable, and the steel structure can break the traditional height limit of concrete structure building, limit span and can realize the exterior architectural diversity, and the demand of green in this era, more use of the steel structure will be the development trend of the construction industry.


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