Types and Benefits of Metal Frame Buildings

Here, we are going to talk about the different kinds of steel frames we have and its benefits.

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Clearspan Frames

This kind of frame is ideal for large unbroken spaces because it requires no interior support. Proven itself as a real game changer, this frame gives high strength and durability. Most people use it for warehouses, agricultural buildings, factories and let’s just say any big structure. One main benefit of the Clearspan frame is that you can create sections inside it with the help of the partition walls. It is easy to redesign you wall plans because no wall is bearing the load of the structure.


Modular Frames

Different from the clearspan, this modular frames consists of interior columns thereby distributing the load. By distributing the load, they reduce the cost of constructing a very wide building. This frame is very useful for wide building, the wider the building the more money you save from both the foundation and frame itself.


Single Slope Frames

This kind of frame has different length on each side of the structure so that the frame appears to slop from the front to the back. Many slope buildings use a 12 pitch, although they can appear steeper. The single slope plan is traditionally used for shopping centres and mini-warehouses.


Benefits of Metal Frame Buildings

Sustainability affordability durability is some of the best things about using steel structures. Structural steel is not only for constructing skyscrapers and large steel frame warehouse or factories. There are numerous ways why they choose to make a building more attractive and long - lasting. Steel is a useful constructing material, which has made it become very essential in almost all stages of construction from start to finish.

Steel Is Lighter: This may look surprising initially, because we all know that a steel is heavier than wood of the same dimension and you will be like “really, what are you saying”. Well before you go googling, when it comes to framing, the steel I-beam is always lighter than wood.

Steel Is Faster To Build: time has always been associated with money. If you spend it well, you save money and if you waste it you lose money. It seems in this modern era most clients want their building within their budget and also ahead of schedule. This kind of project makes it hard for the contractors. That is why we have devised a way by which they can build faster and cheaper without cutting corners.

Saving Money:

Faster construction equals time-saving which equals money saving. It takes less labour force to construct a steel frame. Steel is very much recyclable and doesn't have construction waste that damages the environment.

Versatility: The adaptability of steel is unequalled. From the aptitude for a structural frame to be cast into almost any shape to its external capability to produce shingle-esque roofing designs and wood-ish siding, steel's usefulness is among what makes it an attractive choice for the construction industries.


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