The Future is Steel Building

As the world is becoming more sustainable and more dependence is placed on recycling and energy efficiency due to the occurrence of more natural disasters than ever before, safeguarding our assets have become a priority. Have you ever looked at the news where earthquakes literally crumpled buildings like paper or hurricanes blowing entire houses away? Don’t let this happen to you. Steel beam companies, steel beam manufacturers even steel warehouse manufacturers can guide you into making your buildings more secure and durable.  


Steel beam manufacturers traditionally fabricated steel beams to be used as frames for buildings and bridges which were then sold by the steel beam companies for wholesale or retail clientele. Before we discuss steel further, I will educate you on some of the different types of beams that could be used as a frame for your project:

· Channel Beams or C Beams:

These beams carry a C-shaped cross section and an inner flange surface on one side. Since they can support lighter loads, they are mostly used in residential construction.


· I Beam:

These beams are shaped into the capital I when looked at from the frontal position and have wither wide or tapered flanges. These are popularly used for industrial projects.


· W Beam:

These beams have very wide flanges and are commonly used in residential construction when weight saving is necessary, and are normally welded, riveted or bolted together.


· H Beams:

These beams look like the capital H, have very long flanges and are heavier than the I-Beams. These are used for bridges or skyscrapers since they have a wider span and provide greater strength.


Steel has been used over the centuries for the construction of stronger infrastructures and were more commonly used in constructing entire buildings by the steel warehouse manufacturers such as to build airplane hangars or storage facilities. Over the years, steel is gradually becoming the leading raw material to make buildings such as malls, schools, factories and now, even residential homes. Here are the most important reasons why steel is the future:

· Steel is 100% recyclable and can be recycled forever, this it is significantly less likely to end up in a landfill

· Recycling steel can reduce CO2 emissions and save on energy

· Steel can be shaped into nearly every shape possible, making it the material of choice worldwide because of its flexibility in conforming to satisfy project needs

·  Durability, strength and affordability are the most important aspects to constructing lifetime projects

· Steel can withstand heat, strong windy conditions and they bend rather than break, during earthquakes

· Advancement in technology has made steel construction more innovative and less labor intensive

· Steel is being made into more lightweight products so shipping material worldwide is not as expensive as you would expect

· Less maintenance is spent on projects constructed out of steel, over traditional type material, due to the strength and durability of steel

· Anything from traditional styled buildings to futuristic styled buildings, can be constructed using steel

· Projects that use steel today, is an investment for the future because the future generations are less likely to use up precious resources to satisfy their needs


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