Steel structure development trend-2

cost caused by the promotion of lag

Steel structure building supplier residential development in the western developed countries have a hundred years of history, with other structures have unmatched advantages, steel structure building supplier to the housing industry has brought a deep revolution, from design, construction, to a series of new materials to use Have undergone revolutionary changes, thus representing the future direction of residential development in the international arena.

At present, China's residential steel structure building supplier accounted for no more than 5%, compared with almost 50% in developed countries, China is still in its infancy, there is still room for development of residential steel structure manufacturers.

Steel has energy saving, environmental protection, seismic and other advantages, but difficult to promote in China in recent years. One of the key reasons is the cost, and the reason for the high cost is that this new type of building is in its early stages of development. All kinds of ancillary products have an immature market and hence higher prices. According to the literature of our country's scholars, the economic cost of building steel structures for residential buildings is 13% higher than that of ordinary buildings.


The advantages of steel structure

First, good seismic, light weight. Steel construction is mainly made of high-strength steel, compared with concrete, steel lighter weight, but the load-bearing capacity is very strong, but also tensile and shear resistance and concrete should be high, with good toughness and Plasticity, making the seismic performance of steel structures is also very good.

Second, the construction period is short, convenient construction. Steel structure production is simple and fast, only need to strictly follow the architectural design requirements for cutting and welding, and then by the transport truck to the construction site, and finally use the relevant mechanical equipment to take the lifting splicing force, the steel welded into a whole, the The process of high degree of mechanization, making the construction period is shorter, construction is also more convenient.

Third, functional layout more reasonable and convenient. Compared to concrete, steel structure can be arbitrarily cut according to the design drawings, and then form a new structure. The improvement of people's living quality has more and more requirements on the appearance and function of the building. However, the arrangement of the functional sections of steel structure is more reasonable and convenient, which effectively meets people's demand for the appearance and function of the building.

Fourth, the economy is good. Light weight steel, transportation and lifting convenient, save time and reduce the corresponding costs. Because of the light weight of the steel structure, the load on the foundation of the structure is also small, which reduces the cost of the foundation. Therefore, the economic advantage.


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