Steel Structure Construction Technology Has Obvious Advantages

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The average life expectancy of European and American buildings is more than 80 years. In contrast, the average life expectancy of China's buildings is only 30 years, which is less than 60% of the minimum standard of national standards. In the process of repeated construction, China has created two world firsts: While consuming the most cement and steel in the world, it also produces the world's largest construction waste - up to 400 million tons per year, and the amount of construction waste accounts for 30% to 40% of total waste. Construction waste is piled up and landfilled. Around the city, I fell into the situation of 'garbage besieged city'.


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Due to the manual operation of reinforced concrete structures and masonry structures, the noise and dust generated during construction are seriously jeopardizing the health of workers. More importantly, the building materials of reinforced concrete structures and masonry structures are extremely low in recycling rate, and the environmental pollution caused by construction waste after the life cycle has reached, and the adverse effects on future generations have been caused at home and abroad. Experts' wide attention and general concerns.


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The steel structure should firmly establish the design concept of green building: in accordance with the concept of 'zero resources, zero energy consumption, zero emissions, zero pollution, zero site, zero distance', from planning, design, construction, use to demolition A new model for the development and construction of the entire life cycle of a building, developing, designing and building a new generation of modern steel-structured residential building products that meet industrialization, standardization and industrialization.


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