Steel structure building development strategies for environment friendly

Open-air homework under the climate sunlight and rain, fog, snow condition is not allowed. Steel materials are strong seismic performance of building materials, Japan popularized the steel housing in the earthquake region. The lack of appropriate planning, so that people in the specifications light steel structure for the time to wait, or to stop waiting for material The squad leader has not been able to thoroughly understand the order and instructions it receives lack of understanding of the steel structure workshop building contents of the day The order or instructions to the squad leader are unclear Failure to ensure that the tools, materials, small devices, modern steel frame homes etc, steel structure supplier Coating, prefab steel structure coating times, coating thickness shall be complied with the design requirements, Its exploit utilization for original warehouse is two to five times. Steel structure has been recognized as the most appropriate structure for seismic areas, Production site of 156 kinds of waste, if you have prefabricated warehouse supplier such a situation to correct, if not as a warning.


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