Steel Platform Construction

Steel Platform Construction

In the process of steel structure construction, the modern steel structure platform structure has the advantages of various forms, complete functions and wide application. The biggest feature of its structure is the fully assembled structure, which is flexible in design. It can design and manufacture the steel structure platform that meets the site requirements, functional requirements and logistics requirements according to different site conditions.



Layout of steel structure platform.

When determining the plane size, elevation, beam grid and column grid layout of the structural platform, besides meeting the use requirements, the equipment load on the platform, the location of other large concentrated loads and the hanging of large-diameter industrial pipelines should also be considered in the layout of beams and columns.  The layout of the structural platform should strive to be economical and reasonable, with direct and clear force transmission. The layout of grillage should be adapted to its span. When the span of beams is large, the spacing should be increased. Make full use of the allowable span of the planking and rationally arrange the grillage to obtain better economic results.


Meet the requirements of process operation and ensure clearance for passage and operation. The general passing net height should not be less than 1.8M Generally, protective railings should be set around the platform with a height of 1M. When the platform height is more than 2M, skirting boards with a height of 100-150mm should be set under the protective railings. The platform shall be provided with ladders for up and down passage, and the width of ladders shall not be less than 600mm.



Composition and classification of structural platform

  • Composition: The platform structure usually consists of planks, primary and secondary beams, columns, inter-column supports, ladders and railings.
  • Classification: It can be divided into indoor and indoor platforms, platforms bearing static and dynamic loads, production auxiliary platforms, medium and heavy operating platforms, etc. According to the different treatment methods of bearings, the platform structure can also be divided into:(1) All are independent platforms. For platforms with large dynamic loads or heavy equipment, they should be separated from the workshop columns and directly supported on independent columns.
  • The platform placed directly on the tripod or corbel of the workshop column usually has the function of a safe passage or a simple medium-sized operation platform.
  • One side is supported on the workshop column or building wall, and the other side is provided with an independent column platform.
  •  Platform supported on large equipment.

Steel structure platform is an independent system in steel structure, which can be indoors or outdoors. According to the established standards and requirements, the construction process should be arranged reasonably, and the construction of steel structure platform can meet the application requirements.



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