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Macro Environment Analysis

1. Political and legal environment analysis

The political system is stable and its international status is steadily improving, providing a strong political guarantee for the development of the steel structure industry. In recent years, the development of the steel structure industry has drawn more and more attention and support. Relevant laws, regulations, technical policies and standards have also been gradually improved. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Construction, China Iron and Steel Association and China Steel Association also jointly promote the construction of steel structures in China development of. The 12th Five-Year Plan proposes that by the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan, steel materials for construction will gradually take up about 10% of the total amount of steel products in the country, but currently only about 4%. The market has huge space and development potential.

  With the acceleration of socialist construction, the prefab steel structure market in China's coastal areas, such as Foshan, has a bright future. With the policy support of socialist construction, Foshan Sheng bang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has also accelerated the pace of development, advancing with the times, economic and cultural construction in full swing, the construction of steel structures and grid market is very broad. In response to the call of the state for building socialism and reducing the transportation cost of products, in recent years, with the state's massive investment in key coastal construction projects and urban infrastructure, the huge "cake" in the steel structure construction market has gradually emerged. Among them, the steel structure in the long-span, multi-level, residential steel structure, steel doors, light steel housing construction, has created a lot of performance. After nearly two years of industry expansion, integration and the involvement of new forces, Foshan steel structure industry has taken shape in the market structure and competition is fierce. As an emerging industry in the field of construction in China, the steel structure industry has become another investment in the construction industry in China due to its advantages of light weight, easy installation, short construction period, good earthquake resistance, quick investment recovery and less environmental pollution Hot spots.

   China's steel structure industry will enter a new period of vigorous development. First, the development of China's steel structure industry has always received the great attention and strong support from the relevant government departments, and the relevant technical policies and standards have been further improved. Second, the development of the steel industry provides a good material basis for the development of the steel structure industry. A large number of new-type construction steels such as clean steel, weather-resistant refractory steel, container steel, bridge steel, high-rise building steel, color coated steel sheet and hot rolled H-section steel have been developed and applied. Third, the construction market, which focuses on promoting energy-saving and consumption-reducing products, will continue to develop. Relevant ministries and commissions of the state jointly promote the development of China's construction steel structure. Fourth, Sheng Bang Steel Co., Ltd. Actively participate in the development and production of steel prefabricated building products, with an ever expanding market share.



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