Safety Technical Operation And Fire Protection Measures For Steel Structure Factory

Factory buildings that have been seen daily: steel structure factory buildings. Steel structure manufacturers are improving the design specifications and construction technical standards of different types of steel structures, develop new steel materials that are comparable to traditional technologies, and learn from the mature and advanced experience of foreign countries. Only in this way can it speed up its industrialization process, meet the needs of my country's market, and promote the development of my country's steel structure applications.


For the high-altitude connection between the column and the beam, and between the beam and the beam, a stable and reliable temporary working platform should be set up, and a climbing ladder should be set up for each column to facilitate the construction personnel to go up and down and operate.


When installing horizontal components of steel structure factory building ,such as crane beams, column supports, pipe racks, roof beams, etc., safety ropes should be set up first (the rope diameter should not be less than 6mm, generally 8mm galvanized steel wire ropes are used) to facilitate the safety of construction personnel when moving in the air band.


The installation and welding of the diagonal bracing of the roof beam, the installation and welding of the diagonal bracing between the columns, etc. require the use of hanging cages. The manufacturing of the hanging cages must not use threaded steel to avoid brittle fracture.


During the construction, the structural platforms, passages, stairs, holes and sides of the house should be maintained, and safety measures should be taken as much as possible, and safety protection measures should be taken.


Hoisting operations require special personnel to command, fixed posts and assigned personnel to coordinate the organization of hoisting operations, and unauthorized overload hoisting and multi-head command operations are strictly prohibited. The slings should be inspected before hoisting operations. The slings that are damaged or do not meet the safety requirements shall not be used without repair.


For steel structure factory buildings,the structural parts must be fastened tightly during transportation and reverse transportation, stacked stably and firmly, preventing deformation, collapse and overturning, and the hooks must not be loosened if they are not fixed. The edges and corners of the sling must be sheathed.


Follow the relevant procedures for installation operations. Lifting operations are carried out according to the “ten no-hanging” regulations, and the safety belts are used for high altitudes.


Operators must strictly abide by the operating procedures of each post, and especially make corresponding signs, signals and warnings for hazard sources to avoid injury.


For steel structure factory building, all types of work must strictly abide by the "Safety Technical Operation Regulations" promulgated by the company, and conduct safety learning and safety education for all types of personnel in accordance with relevant labor laws and regulations, especially for special types of work.


Strengthen fire control, strictly implement fire approval system and fire monitor system.


Strictly abide by the relevant fire protection regulations on construction sites, strengthen fire protection publicity and education, increase fire protection facilities and equipment, and conduct regular inspections to eliminate hidden dangers. Enhance fire protection awareness and prevent fire accidents.


With the continuous improvement of my country's science and technology, the people's living standards are increasing, the demand is increasing, and the development of the construction industry is constantly improving. Steel structure is an important must-chosen material, especially in the application in the factory, combining the performance of steel structure to grasp its hoisting process and quality assurance, so that it faces the development prospects of the world.



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